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Membership Makes A Difference

A group of ambulances for PMR EMS
Emergency services provided to Barrett Twp, Coolbaugh Twp, Mount Pocono Borough, Paradise Twp, Tobyhanna Twp and portions of Tunkhannock and Price townships.

A Caring Community Makes Us Better

Pocono Mountain Regional Emergency Medical Services (PMREMS) would like to first thank all the community members for last year’s Subscription Program support. Your membership and donations make a difference.


While no one expects to call 911 for a medical emergency–accidents happen. PMREMS is there 24/7, 365 days a year committed to serving our community. Your donations make it possible to have the highest qualified personnel and life saving equipment.

Last year PMREMS responded to over 7000 emergency calls showing an increasing need for our services. As call volume increases so do operating costs that include building and vehicle maintenance, equipment purchases, and training classes for our medical professionals. To help offset these costs and continue to give the quality of care you deserve we turn to our community for help.


Transportation as part of this Subscription covers Emergency Ambulance Services. Emergency Services are generated through the 911 system. Ambulance transportation of an emergency nature is limited to emergency ambulance transport to the closest appropriate medical facility and is deemed to be “medically necessary” by the applicable insurance plan in which the subscriber is enrolled.

Payment Liabilities Not Covered Under the Subscription

Insurance pays for ambulance transportation in accordance with the terms of your policy. In certain situations, a subscriber may be financially responsible for payment for ambulance transportation that is not covered by your insurance, and you may not be advised of this non-coverage at the time of your transport. In cases where the transport is not medically necessary, you are uninsured, or where you were able to take another form of transportation, you will be financially responsible for the charge imposed by PMREMS, less a discount to be determined periodically by PMREMS.




This subscription program is not a contract for the provision of ambulance services. A mutual aid ambulance service may respond when our ambulance service is unavailable. This is not a solicitation for the offer or sale of an insurance product. The terms and conditions of this subscription program are subject to change without prior notice. Medicare beneficiaries may still be billed for copayments and deductibles if required by law. Medicaid beneficiaries are not eligible to participate in PMREMS’s subscription program. All subscriptions are subject to acceptance by PMREMS and may be cancelled or revoked in PMREMS’s sole discretion. The subscriber acknowledges that PMREMS will bill available third party insurance for services rendered and agrees to remit any third party insurance payments received directly by the subscriber for ambulance services provided by PMREMS to PMREMS.

Employee Coverage for Businesses Now Available

*Limited to current employees. Subject to verification.


Terms and conditions of the Subscription Program apply to employee emergency medical services transport only from the business location indicated within enrollment materials.


Employees utilizing this service request that payment of authorized Medicare or any other insurance benefits be made on their behalf to PMREMS for any ambulance services provided to said employee by PMREMS now, in the past, or in the future. Financially responsibility for the services and supplies provided by PMREMS during employee transport, regardless of insurance coverage, and in some cases, may be responsible for an amount in addition to that which was paid by insurance. Employees participating in this program understand and agree to immediately remit to PMREMS any payments that are received directly
from insurance or any source whatsoever for the services provided and assign all rights to such payments to PMREMS. Said employee(s) authorize PMREMS to appeal payment denials or other adverse decisions on their behalf without further authorization.


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