A Unique Ambulance Service

Pocono Mountain Regional Emergency Medical Services (PMREMS) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors comprised of representatives from six member municipalities: Barrett Township, Coolbaugh Township, Paradise Township, Tobyhanna Township, Tunkhannock Township, and Mount Pocono Borough.  


One of the few EMS providers in the area offering the highest level of emergency care, our paramedics and EMTs provide the following services to a largely rural population of nearly 250 square miles: 


  • Advanced Life Support (ALS)
  • Basic Life Support (BLS)
  • Standby Service to the local fire and police departments
  • All ALS vehicles are equipped with 12 lead EKG Monitors
  • Our BLS trucks are equipped with automatic external defibrillators (AEDs)


PMREMS has the capability of transmitting a patient’s 12 lead EKG from the field directly to the Hospital. Transmitting a 12 lead EKG from the field to the hospital gives the hospital time to prepare for the arrival of the patient and for immediate transfer to the cardiac-catheterization room for immediate life-saving measures to be implemented.


A member of the Eastern EMS Council and the PA Department of Health, PMREMS adheres to strict standards and compliance under the watchful eye of this state board. Adequate service levels and care are expected from members which translates through the exemplary care provided by our professionals consisting of 28 EMTs and 20 Paramedics, as well as 5 full-time Administrators providing management, bookkeeping, and billing support. 

EMS Funding Support Needed! We Need Your Help!

PMREMS’ Board of Directors recognizes that maintaining and expanding service levels with skilled emergency personnel requires broader and deeper community support. 


Medicare and Medicaid combine to represent 63% of revenue and unfortunately this statistic is growing. 


The cause for fiscal concern is that on average an ambulance call costs $440. Medicare’s BLS reimbursement rate is $480 with Medicaid at $325 for BLS and ALS at $400 which makes overcoming Medicare and Medicaid concerns of the utmost importance.  


We need your help by becoming a subscriber through our Residential Subscription and Business Subscription Drives. We also thrive off of generous Donations from our community members


While no one expects to call 911 for a medical emergency – accidents happen. PMREMS is there 24/7, 365 days a year, committed to serving our community. Your donations make it possible to have the highest qualified personnel and lifesaving equipment.


Last year PMREMS responded to over 7,000 emergency calls, showing an increased need for our services. As call volume increases, so do operating costs which include building and vehicle maintenance, equipment purchases, and training classes for our medical professionals. To help offset these costs and continue to give the quality of care you deserve, we turn to our community for help.


Transportation as part of this Subscription covers Emergency Ambulance Services. Emergency Services are generated through the 911 system. Ambulance transportation of an emergency nature is limited to emergency ambulance transport to the closest appropriate medical facility and is deemed to be “medically necessary” by the applicable insurance plan in which the subscriber is enrolled.


Please support Pocono Mountain Regional EMS today with your subscription and/or donation!

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