Residential Subscription

The residential subscription offering provides individuals and families with coverage in case of unexpected ambulance bills during the event of an emergency. By paying a small annual fee, your family will have access to emergency medical services without worrying about the potential cost an ambulance and emergency care often brings. 


Transportation as part of this Subscription covers Emergency Ambulance Services generated through the 911 system. Ambulance transportation of an emergency nature is limited to emergency ambulance transport to the closest appropriate medical facility and is deemed to be “medically necessary” by the insurance plan in which the subscriber is enrolled.  


Your $85 Subscription provides: 


  • Coverage for your entire household 
  • Unlimited medically necessary 911 transports 
  • No co-pay or deductible associated with your medical insurance coverage -plus- you will not be billed for the portion not covered by insurance 
  • Accepted by ambulance services providing mutual aid to PMREMS 


Without a subscription, you will be:


  • Billed for the portion not covered by insurance which could be hundreds of dollars. 


For Medicare Beneficiaries, Medicare pays 80% of their fee schedule leaving the patient responsible for the remaining 20% balance. PMREMS will waive the 20% Medicare balance for Subscribers. Those without a subscription will be billed for the 20% Medicare balance. 


All community members should sign up for our Subscription Program to have peace of mind that the protection of themselves and their families is taken care of by our organization.  


We thank you for your continued support of PMREMS! 

Business Subscriptions

PMREMS also offers Business subscriptions which are different than our residential subscriptions. When a company or organization subscribes, it ensures that employees and customers have access to emergency medical services in the case of an emergency.  By subscribing you also support our organization in providing critical care throughout our community. 


Payment Liabilities Not Covered Under the Subscription and Disclaimer 

Insurance pays for ambulance transportation in accordance with the terms of your policy. In certain situations, a subscriber may be financially responsible for payment for ambulance transportation that is not covered by your insurance, and you may not be advised of this non-coverage at the time of your transport. In cases where the transport is not medically necessary, you are uninsured, or where you were able to take another form of transportation, you will be financially responsible for the charge imposed by PMREMS, less a discount to be determined periodically by PMREMS. 


This subscription program is not a contract for the provision of ambulance services. A mutual aid ambulance service may respond when our ambulance service is unavailable. This is not a solicitation for the offer or sale of an insurance product. The terms and conditions of this subscription program are subject to change without prior notice. Medicare beneficiaries may still be billed for copayments and deductibles if required by law. Medicaid beneficiaries are not eligible to participate in PMREMS’s subscription program. All subscriptions are subject to acceptance by PMREMS and may be canceled or revoked at PMREMS’s sole discretion. The subscriber acknowledges that PMREMS will bill available third-party insurance for services rendered and agrees to remit any third-party insurance payments received directly by the subscriber for ambulance services provided by PMREMS to PMREMS. 

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